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Welcome to the FAQ Thai Massage page at Buddha Thai Massage in London, Ontario. Discover the benefits of Thai Massage and make informed decisions about your massage therapy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Buddha Thai Massage

Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can:

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Why does the booking system show limited availabilty?

This is a physically demanding profession. Our massage practitioners can handle 4-5 appointments daily. To maintain quality service, we limit bookings per day.

Why do you charge similar rates as licensed massage therapists?

Our rates reflect the overhead costs and our practitioners’ years of training and experience in Thai massage.

Do you accept insurance?

We provide invoices for reimbursement. Check your policy for massage coverage details. Suchawadee Songkakoon (Nan) is a licensed Holistic Practitioner and belongs to the Traditional Thai Massage Association of Ontario.   

Are you a registered?

We are regulated by the Traditional Thai Massage Association of Ontario. Our massage team are licensed as Holistic Practitioners.

How do I know your’re good at what you do?

Evaluate our reputation through online reviews or personal recommendations. We take pride in our work.

What is the most impactul thing a happy client can do for you?

Leaving a review and referring friends helps our business thrive. Regular clients are our backbone.

Do you also have showers at the facility?

Unfortunately, we do not have shower facilities available at our establishment. However, we do provide a refreshing hot towel to delicately wipe off any residual oil after your oil massage session.

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